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 "Break Them, And We Break You."

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"Break Them, And We Break You." Empty
PostSubject: "Break Them, And We Break You."   "Break Them, And We Break You." I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 14, 2010 6:26 pm


1.) Read the forum specific rules, then read the sticky at the top of the Roleplaying forums, titled "Beginners guide to Roleplaying". All of those rules apply here.

2a.) All human bios need to be 2500 characters in length (read, WITHOUT the DaCre), and all in-character posts need to be at least 300 characters.

2b.) There is no character minimum for the DaCre, as long as everything is properly filled in.

3.) Verification is the key to everything. If you cannot verify how something happens, you cannot have it. The exception is the impossible physics that actually allows the events of this roleplay to occur, which have some degree of reality attached.

4.) No power-playing, and no god-modding of another's character. Certain NPC's can be god-modded by me and other GMs.

5.) Your character, both human and Dacre can die of lethal injury. You have been warned.

6.) You're heavily advised to read page three; the rules of combat and other important elements of the DaCre will be explained there.

7.) Absolutely, positively, NO REALM TECHNIQUES! There are only two realms, and I control the border. (I also control the human netherworld, if necessary, in case you think you can perform an impossible reincarnation.)

8.) If I'm not directly involved in a battle situation, if there is a discrepency, what I rule is final. If a mod is called after that, they will be referred to this rule, so, unless you are completely sure that I am butt-wrong (which is possible), don't argue past the point of decision.

9.) *OC should be on the OOC thread

10.) Once accepted, post your bios on the profile thread

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"Break Them, And We Break You."
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