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-The Source Page-

These next posts are your go-to guide for everything you NEED to know about this thread, in terms of battle, thread physics, point tables, and all similar facts. It is advised that you read these points before you make a bio, and, if there is a problem (especially with combat), this is probably the first place you want to check for an answer.

So, without further explanation about the section itself... let's get started.



Ah, humans. Such fragile meat-puppets we are. Unlike other fantasy threads, humans here don't have a myriad of special powers that makes them deadly forces. Although I assume you know what humans are and their basic limitations, I will briefly go over what can/ can't be allowed in a human bio, and just how fragile a human is.

First of all, for the bio:
-Your human cannot have supernatural powers.
-Considering the age-range for a typical DaCre player, it is unlikely for a human to start with a gun. To make it simple, you may not have a gun (or like weapon) in your bio.
-Anything more than a pocket knife will be considered red*culous. Noone carries a bow or sword around everywhere in a typical city without drawing an eye.

And now, for the other important part:
-Humans are, by nature, rather mortal creatures, especially when compared to the DaCre. If you experience a fatal wound, you will die unless treated, usually in a hospital.

This is not an all-inclusive list, but, if any of these are pierced, your character is considered dead or dying.
-The heart
-Any part of the aeortic channel, from the heart to the neck
-The neck
-The cerebellum of the brain
-The liver
-The stomach
-Either lung
-Either kidney

And... there. I've explained everything important about human bios in about three-fourths of a post. That will leave me just about enough room to explain what the thread is actually based upon, in the following posts.



Okay, so you've read the introduction, and still probably had your head wondering, 'Okay, that's nice, but what exactly is a DaCre?' Well, if that's the case, you've come to the right place to learn. If not, well, you still need to know this important information.

'DaCre' is a contraction for 'Data Creature'. To put it simply, it is an animal-like computer program that people create, design, and store in watches or other portable electrical devices, to compete wirelessly or over the internet against other people.

These are oddly animate programs that are capable of making their own decisions in battle, as well as following the human's instruction- this is what helped make it a cult hit in this era, as it is essentially pitting two minds against two minds. (You can probably guess, by now, that the plot is going to make these DaCre a lot more interesting than a simple computer game- they will take a physical form at some point. Just wait for the plot)

As such, when a human creates a DaCre, it can take an indefinite number of shapes or forms, depending on the type of DaCre that a person desires to make.

However, the following facts are true about all DaCre:
1) All DaCre have the capability to change form from one 'rank' to another, by a human's influence or command.
2) Each DaCre has one innate ability that carries through all of its forms; the higher the rank of a form, the stronger the manipulation of this innate.
3) Each DaCre has three attacks per form DIFFERENT from the innate manipulation. A DaCre of a higher rank CANNOT use the abilites of a lower rank.
4) A DaCre is typically more aware of its physical condition than the human is: at a certain damage point, it can entirely refute a human's orders to protect itself.
5) All DaCre have the ability to sense other DaCre.
6) DaCre have a predisposition to fight other DaCre.
7) Once physical, a DaCre also has a predisposition to protect its creator.


Alright, so its clear that DaCre are far more suited to fighting than a human could ever be; however, a few of the same rules apply: they bleed, they feel pain, and they have vital points common to whatever they're based off of.

However, there's a few things to keep in mind about a DaCre in combat. Since a DaCre is made of data, it makes more sense to say that powerful attacks have the ability to destabilize a DaCre's data. When a portion of a DaCre is destroyed, or when a DaCre is killed, they do not leave a corpse: instead, it converts into a red dust, which is often called wasted data. A DaCre can heal itself (or, if in PERFECT health, make itself stronger) by absorbing wasted data (all DaCre can do this), but there are a few rules applied to this.

1) The closest DaCre absorbing will absorb all of the available data.
2) Absorbing data takes total focus: you can and will get flanked if there is still an enemy nearby.
3) A DaCre cannot reabsorb its own data.
4) A DaCre completely destroyed or a dead DaCre cannot have its data reformed back into its live form.
5) Absorption of data always heals first, before adding to power potential.

Aside from destruction, another form of damage that a DaCre can take is known as 'fracture'. A fracture occurs when a DaCre takes a considerable concussive blow, similar to the force required to cleanly snap a thick bone. When 'fractured', a DaCre's fractured area looks 'cracked', out of place, and shifted. A DaCre can still fight in this state, but it cannot control movement of the fratured part, and, if it is struck again by a fracturing blow, the area will be destroyed.

Unlike data absorption, however, 'fractures' will naturally heal over time, as the data corrects itself. The speed of healing is enough so that if there is a considerable break after the battle, it will heal. It also automatically corrects itself when a DaCre goes up or down in rank (also unlike data absorption, in which the damage carries).

-Forms and Upgrading-

Alright, the format says 'D', 'C', 'B', and 'A'. Quite obviously, these refer to the different shapes your DaCre can take. Overall, C is stronger than D, B is stronger than C, and so forth.

With that in mind, we have to take power into consideration. Without question, two identical C-ranked attacks will cancel eachother out, while a B-ranked attack similar to a C-ranked attack will beat the C-ranked attack. This is not to say that a C-ranked DaCre cannot beat a B-ranked DaCre, however- this is merely a measure of power.

When a battle begins, typically, both DaCre would be D in rank. To upgrade in rank, the controlling human needs to focus for a post, and, after that post, the DaCre must be far enough away from the other opponent to have the room to evolve. That said, if you're being beaten and the other DaCre has its foot on top of your DaCre's head... well, too bad.

A D always goes to a C, and a C, going upwards, goes to a B. There is no skipping ranks in this process (A D cannot go to a B).

When a DaCre takes significant enough damage to have the need to downgrade (which usually happens in place of destruction, if the attack is not lethal or overly severe), or when the time limit for the rank runs out (see the points table below), the reverse process ALWAYS ends up going to the D-rank, which leaves your DaCre vulnerable.

These limits apply to all player-owned DaCre. Other, 'wild' DaCre can spend an unlimitted time at a certain rank, will not downgrade, and would likely be destroyed in that rank, if destroyed.

-The Human Element-

As you saw in the introduction, Raiga went about the complicated, self-energy drawing process of going up a rank, which is, by most methods, impossible for the DaCre alone. This is where the human element comes in.

The DaCre's creator shares an unexplained bond with the DaCre. By focusing something similar to soul energy into the device the DaCre was made from, after a post's focus, the DaCre has the ability to upgrade in rank. If the focus is broken by some matter that requires the human to release the device, the upgrade process halts. (This only refers to physical battles- over the net, its a matter of pushing a charge-focus button, which, after a short while, upgrades the Dacre. For net battles, none of the below risks apply)

In a physical fight, this creates an interesting relationship. Although for a D, the human feels no strain, for a C, the human begins to feel the DaCre's mental exhaustion, as fatigue passes through the link. It is less than distracting, but more than noticable for the first few times this link is made.

When a DaCre hits B-rank, however, more then mental exhaustion passes the link. Whatever pain the DaCre feels, the human will feel in direct proportion to what the DaCre felt. If the DaCre is slammed against a wall, the human will feel the wall, and the concrete grazing against the body. In a B-ranked battle, if the DaCre dies, the human is put in critical condition, at the very least.

-Point Table-

Wait, you thought that you were just going to get rank upgrades for free? Well, I admire your hopefulness, but, sadly, this is not the case.

This is not going to be as complicated as the experience table on stat threads, so, don't get too stressed out about it. Just listen carefully.

Points are earned through battle, either net or physical. For losing any sort of battle, but still surviving, you earn one point. For winning, you earn a minimum of two points.
Here's the breaks:
If you defeat these ranks:
D : 4
C: 8
B: 16
A: 32

If you are above the rank of your opponent:
x .5

If you are below the rank of your opponent:
x 2

If you utterly destroy your opponent (physical only):
x 1.5

If you absorb data:
+ Bonus (Interpretation score by me or a TM/GM. Remember, healing occurs before power)

Points are gained according to MAXIMUM RANK ATTAINED in battle. If you fought most of it in a B, and won in a D, it would be as if you fought as a B. Got it?

Simple enough?

One more thing. A D-rank with 95534 points is still comparable to a D-rank with 0 points. Power is determined by rank, not by number of points. So, what do collecting these points earn you?

Well, take a look.

Point Chart:
-0 points: Able to maintain C for three posts.
-4: Maintain C for five posts.
-8: Maintain C for ten posts
-10: Maintain C indefinitely in battle
-15: Maintain B for two posts
-25: Maintain B for five posts
-35: Maintain B for ten posts (Maximum potential)
-50: When someone hits this point, A rank will be explained a lot clearer.

Net battles-

1) You are essentially fighting with a ghost of your DaCre. If the ghost is destroyed, it means you lost, but still have your DaCre.
2) All experience gained from the battle transfers to the DaCre at 75% normal amount.
3) Data cannot be absorbed
4) Damage returns back to full health after the battle
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