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 Luxor the Grimm

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Name: Luxor
Innate: Sand: Control and turning his own body into sand as well as the manipulation of certain types of special glass.
Personality: A proper and intelligent DaCre who always seems to know exactly what's going on, Luxor is easily amused and rarely gets angry. Even his own death would likely not upset him too much, likely just dissapointing him. He is fascinated with human religion and is often seen reading a Bible or various classical novels.

Rank D:

Appearance: In his primary form Luxor is a four foot tall noble-jackal with silky blue-purple fur and an average length tail. He stands on two feet and his hands and feet are both paw like. His eyes are a deep turquoise that almost glows, and he has tall proud ears and proper posture. Hieroglyphics of various cultures ocasionally shine turquoise all over his body, with a large Ankh with skeletal wings on his back being the most prominent.

Attack 1: Soul Sonnet: Luxor fires a turquoise orb which is ghostly in appearance and doesn't cast a shadow nor shed light beyond itself. The orb itself is merely explodes to a small amount of force.
Attack 2: Runic Force: Luxor's symbols glow constantly, and he receives a boost to his defense against non-physical damage (fire, lightning, etc).
Attack 3: Ankh Seal: Luxor creates a paper-like seal with Hieroglyphics on it. This drains power out of whatever it latches on to until full; at this stage it cannot hold a huge amount. This energy can be used by Luxor if he absorbs the seal, or by others if they are taught or know how to by some fashion.

Innate Manifestation: Luxor can manipulate sand within a medium radius, turn his own body into sand, and turn sand into light glass (for his synthesized light mauevers). He cannot control the light glass without using sand.

Rank C:

Appearance: Luxor's base shape and size remain the same, though his fur becomes a cerulean shade of blue. The symbols which flicker on his body are constant, and the Ankh with wings becomes a physical object behind him; a transparent looking turquoise which looks like glass but is much more endurant. The wings and Ankh are only in skeletal outlines, not filled in, and enable minor flight.

Attack 1: Soul Nocturne: Luxor fires a beam of turquoise energy which is efectively the same as the orb though in constant form.
Attack 2: Grimm: Luxor summons forth a large black scythe, with a handle around seven feet long and a blade about four feet long. Good for cutting things.
Attack 3: Ankh Barrier: Luxor can create batches of the seals which launchin waves instead of individually like before. They can hold slightly more than the previous seals before filling up as well.

Innate Manifestation: Luxor can manipulate sand within a larger radius, turn his own body into sand, and turn sand into light glass or black glass. He cannot control the light glass or black glass without using sand.

Rank B:

Appearance: Once again Luxor remains the same general shape and size, though his fur is now a light blue. The symbols glow brightly all over his body and constantly, and large amounts of the symbols have become physical to join the winged Ankh; he now has a skeletal sort of armor around his figure which is created with the turquoise colored translucent substance. Luxor's physical form is around the chest area of the "armor", which is around nine feet in height but can be compacted into a folded form behind him.

Attack 1: Soul Requiem: Luxor blasts out a general wave of the same turquoise energy from Sonnet and Nocturne from his body, damaging anything nearby.
Attack 2: Grimmoire: An even large scythe, with a ten foot handle and a seven foot blade appears, and it looks to be made of paper scrawled on with ink... or is it blood. Despite it's paper-like appearance the scythe is just as endurant and sharp as before, though the top can now split into smaller blades.
Attack 3: Ankh Surge: Luxor simply creates more seals than before, which can hold more energy.

Innate Manifestation: Luxor can manipulate sand within a quite giant radius, turn his own body into sand, and turn sand into light glass or black glass. He is now able to control the light glass or black glass in itself without the addition of normal sand.

Rank A: Seasons don't fear the Reaper: but you should.

DaCre: Luxor
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Luxor the Grimm
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